2019 Ultimate Street Rules


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                                              2019 Rules

Class Description:

1/8 Mile

Heads up

Instant Green

No Time & No Time Slips

Top 10 List

Top 10 style class:

You can only call out the position above you. If you are not on the list you can only call out the 10th position by winning the shootout

Minimum wager $50, maximum wager $300. If the two parties cannot agree on a wager amount, the race director will set the amount based on the amounts being negotiated and you will be required to race for that amount. Refusal to race will result in removal from the list. All monies to be handled by the race director

Call outs can be made at any time. Call outs need to be communicated to or in the presence of the race director at the event or on our Facebook page before the event https://www.facebook.com/groups/191801041178605/. Once the call out is made the race will be set for the next round of racing. Call outs will be accepted in the order they are received. Once a race is locked, If you do not make the race FOR ANY REASON it will be considered a loss. If you lose 2 consecutive races to the same opponent you must defend your position from below before calling out an above position again (when applicable). If the race date rains out it will be run at the next "List" event. At the determination of the race director if there are multiple call outs you may be required to race a maximum of 3 times during a single event. Refusal to race will result in removal from the list. If an event is missed you can drop up to 4 spots, your spot can only be taken if the below racer challenges the spot above you. 

If you have a long term mechanical failure (3 consecutive races) it would be respectful to remove your car from the list and return through the shootout.

Crossing the centerline, hitting a cone, hitting the wall or a red light will all be considered a loss.

ALL cars must be driven to the staging lanes and from the end of the run to the pits. Towing from end of run to the pits or to staging lanes from pits is grounds for disqualification and removal of list (excluding break downs)

Top 10 List standing at the end of the season will carry over to the following season’s opening day Top 10 race. If you fail to attend the opening day List Race you forfeit your spot on The List. All vacancies opening day will be filled by shootout competitors.

If you break during a run, including the burnout, it will be considered a loss. 

No driver or vehicle swaps for current List spot holders.

Driver and/or vehicle may only occupy one spot on one list.


All shootout competitors must meet all the rules stated.

Only the winner of the shootout will get a chance to race for the Number 10 spot

In order to participate in the shootout you must challenge The Ultimate Street Top 10 List on the Facebook page with a pic of your car. There will be an official post after each event to call out The List.

The shootout will be same as The List races, including instant green with a single elimination bracket. 

Pairings will be based on card draws and lane choice determined by Red card (Red card gets right lane) Unless a callout is agreed on before the card draw.


If you feel that your competitor is not a true “street” car you may challenge them to a road trip. The road trip challenge must go through the race director and be announced at the drivers meeting at time of callout. Both vehicles will then be required to make the road trip. The road trip will be about 15 miles long and you will have a time limit set on how long you will have to complete the road trip. Once you complete the road trip you will be required to race without refueling and without cool down time. If you refuse to take the road trip you will be removed from the list. If you fail two consecutive cruises you will be removed from the 10 list. If you break or cannot complete the road trip you will lose the position, and no longer be able to compete for the remainder of that event. Failures include mechanical failures, running out of fuel, or being pulled over by police.

There is a $100.00 protest fee to force a competitor to complete the road trip. If the protested driver successfully completes the road trip, he/she keeps the money. If the driver fails to complete the road trip, the protest fee returns to the driver who initiated the protest.

You can road trip protest the driver you have called out or been called out by

If you protest a driver for the road trip for the final round, your road trip and race will happen next event. Your road trip will be with the super street cars next event and the race will take place first round. 


Any fuel allowed

Stand alones permitted

Meth/water injection permitted


OEM steel (fiberglass/composite if OEM equipped) body shell required. 

Stock fire wall in stock location

The only permitted lightweight components are hood, trunk, hatch, tailgate & bumpers

No forward facing scoops, unless OEM equipment

All OEM safety glass windows and windshield required. Must be functional unless in pickup application for rear down bars on roll cage. 

Front wheel drive (not all wheel drive) vehicles are permitted to have three piece wide composite front ends for tire fitment. No one piece front ends.


Stock appearing dash and finished interior mandatory including door panels,  upholstered front seats for driver and passenger, carpet is also required from back of the driver's door to the firewall including transmission tunnel.



Full tube-type chassis vehicles prohibited


Stock-type front suspension or stock bolt-in-type replacement front suspension required

Tubular front suspension components permitted

OEM Type Coil-over shocks/struts are permitted

Tubular bolt-in front K-members and A-arm kits are permitted

Aftermarket bolt on tubular front clips permitted


All rear suspension types including back half permitted


In order to compete, all vehicles and/or drivers are required the following: 

1. Valid driver’s license

2. Valid vehicle registration

3. Valid license plate(s). Dealer/Temp plates prohibited

4. Valid insurance ID card

5. Vehicle must have operational street equipment including: working headlights, taillights, brake lights


All vehicle exhaust must exit under the vehicle behind the back of the driver’s door 

Fender/bumper/hood exits prohibited

An Exhaust system with mufflers is required, except turbo cars (turbo is the muffler)


Single power adders are permitted (Single power adder examples: single or multiple turbos, single or multiple stages of nitrous. You can NOT mix power adders example: single turbo & nitrous, multiple turbos & nitrous are not permitted)


Any Transmission's are allowed


Rear  tires must be DOT approved

Any size drag radial or Bias DOT tire allowed

Front wheel drive vehicles  are allowed to run drag slicks


Spindle-mount front wheels prohibited.


Must pass track’s tech for ET and Speed

Mike Ratliff 2019 Ultimate Street #1 Finisher   ****Click For Interview Video*****

Mike Ratliff 2019 Ultimate Street #1 Finisher ****Click For Interview Video*****

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