The RVA List is the fastest street car drag racing series in VA!!!

Top 10 drag racing list series, the "804". Ultimate & Super Street 1/8 & 1/4 mile action at Richmond Dragway 


Think you have the fastest street car in Virginia? Bring it out and prove it !!!

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Drop a pick of your car in the current shootout thread and show up at the track for some drag racing!!!! 

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The RVA List is the most exciting heads up street car racing in Virginia!!! Each night is packed full of wheelies, wrecks, fast cars and door to door excitement. You won't be disapointed 

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Ultimate Street Standings


Current Standings:

#1 - Brandon Tuck - Ford Mustang - Nitrous

#2 - Greg Beckner - Mercury Cougar - Nitrous 

#3 - John Dunn - Dodge Dart - Nitrous

#4 - Richard Tilghman - Ford Mustang - Nitrous

#5 - Pete Decker - Chevy Camaro - Nitrous 

#6 - Gene Mottley - Chevy Camaro - Nitrous

#7 - Mike Ratliff - Ford Falcon - Nitrous

#8 - Chuck Auders - Chevy Camaro - Nitrous

#9 - Tracy Eubank - Ford Mustang - Nitrous

#10 - Tim Bauer - Chevy Nova - Nitrous

Super Street Standings


Current Standings:


#1 - John Hampton - Cadillac CTSV - Supercharged

#2 - Eric Tucker - Mustang - Nitrous

#3 - Charlie Robertson - Pontiac Firebird - Turbo

#4 -John Manckia - Chevy Camaro - Nitrous

#5 - Joey Buch - Chevy Camaro - Supercharged

#6 - Chris James - Ford Mustang - Supercharged 

#7 - David Childress - Super Charged

#8 -  Patric Depew - Chevy Camaro - Turbo

#9 -  Trenton Aleshire - Pontiac Firebird - Nitrous

#10 - Jacob Marquardt - Chevy Camaro -Supercharged

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